I am not a financial teacher. I am not a 'guru', a self-help coach or someone looking to create his own empire out of teaching people the 'secrets' to wealth. Instead, I'm just a passionate person who was blessed with an incredible life and was given rare opportunities that not many people my age are blessed with. So after realizing that I am 'one of a billion,' I decided it would be wise to share my experiences and give advice to those seeking a way out of their current financial or business situation. The only reason for writing this book was to create a guide for those who dream of a better life; this book is designed to push you in the right direction.

You will never see my name on a company offering seminars on how to get rich; you will never see my face on Facebook infomercials, selling my high-priced courses to people who want to become wealthy overnight. Although some of these courses are great for both the teacher and the student (at times), the reason you will never see me doing it is because that's not who I am; I am not out to make a living writing books or teaching seminars. I am simply here to inspire and give you some advice as you create your own empire.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to run into you in the future. I really hope you find value in this book and decide to recommend it to a friend, family member or colleague who is on his or her own path towards making a dream come true.

Good Luck!

Usher Morgan

Author of From Rats to Riches - A Real-Life Approach To Achieving Your Dreams.

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